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Dear Management, I would like to thank Jasmine for her caring, kind, professional understanding of dealing with my claim against XXXXXXXXXXXXMoving . This company was so unprofessional and took 21 days to move and return my furniture to me in Tennessee and lost items as well as broke and damaged my things. I was so upset but after my first conversation with Jasmine regarding this matter and how to proceed with a claim I Felt less upset and I wish XXXXXXXXXXXXMoving had a valuable asset as her then maybe I would not have gone through the grief and upset I did with them. I wish they gave me her number sooner so I wouldn’t have had to deal with them. Thank you.


Dear Jasmine - Thank you for your help - understanding. Just getting these pictures together was an unbelievable ordeal. Technological issues! I moved and went back to school full time all in the same week, so needless to say, things have been hectic. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate your help in this process.


I would like to express my thoughts on Jasmine who has been handling my claim. They were very professional. Yet very understanding and helpful in working with me. I was very distraught because so many of my things were missing and not delivered. Along with some of my antique furniture that was damaged beyond repair. The reimbursement check is nowhere near the damaged amounts. But I am grateful that I got to work with Jasmine and she expedited my claim. Just so you understand. The Packers were very unprofessional. The one in charge did not know how to count. I had to correct him when he was talking to me about the number of boxes. I told him he was wrong. That made no difference. He charged me extra money, about $300, anyway. Then he wanted a tip for his men. I gave him some cash that I had. And it was all I had. After the truck was packed they drove alongside my car, and one of the packers asked if I was going to give them a tip. I told them I gave a tip to your supervisor. They were very angry. Obvious to me as why things were missing and destroyed. This was totally unfair. I thank management, though, for assigning Jasmine to assist me with my claim. I hope she is appreciated for all her hard work.


To Whom It May Concern – The movers who came to my home were extremely professional. Although we did sustain damage on several items, they were forthright and honest which is much appreciated. As we went through the claim process, Jasmine was always there to answer the phone right away (NO VOICEMAILS!!!) and walk me through the process to make it as painless as possible. When she did not have an immediate update, she made a plan of action in order to keep me informed. She told she was going to look into the situation and let me know when she would have more news. Sure enough, the next time we spoke, she had everything I needed to know and even told me how the next steps would go. I was never left guessing! Excellent customer service, well done! Thanks !