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Company Information And Policy

Who We Are:

We are Customer Service Ink.! We handle all your client's complaints and provide moving companies with everything they need. We have been in business for twelve years and have grown fast and strong. We are comprised of a team of professionals who have worked in the moving industry for over four years. We also have a legal department to handle any legal issues. Our team is very much aware of all the mishaps in the moving business and understsand that accidents do happen. We are equipped to handle any of your client’s complaints and we aim to satisfy them.

We have been complimented by DOT and PUC employees several times for our organizational skills and professionalism. Your  claims are processed according to the law. In fact, the DOT tried to convince us to become an arbitration company because we are that professional and organized. We have saved a lot of moving companies from getting fines for not following proper protocol by educating them on how to properly follow the law.

How Does Your Client Know To Contact Us Regarding Their Complaint/Claim?

This is really simple! We, at Customer Service Ink. will provide you with a complaint information sheet. You will need to make copies of it and attach it to every contract upon every move. The claim information sheet has our phone number on it along with your Company I.D. number. This sheet will inform your clients of where to call to file a compliment or a complaint and we will gladly take care of all their needs.

How Do We Handle Your Clients Complaints?

We at Customer Service Ink. value your clients, the way you value your clients. We provide them with top quality customer care.  When your clients call us up to complain about your moving company, we hear them! Most of the clients you move, who call to complain, just want and need to be heard. If six out of ten times, your clients feel that they were heard, and you valued what they had to say, they will automatically drop their complaint. So, that’s what we do, we hear them out. When clients call, we open a file and deal with the clients diligently. We investigate their claim and provide them with 0.60 cents per pound if they did not purchase additional insurance. If they purchased additional insurance through your moving company we will abide by the terms of the contract and compensate them according to its terms and the law. Should they have purchased additional insurance through a third party, we will refer them to the third party to have their claim resolved. At the end of every month, you will receive a monthly complaint report containing all the names, dates, and status of your client's complaints throughout the month. We encourage you to keep it for your records. Every quarter, you will receive a complaint booklet that contains your clients closed files. Each booklet is highly organized and consists of the claim in its entirety. 

Reimbursements, And Our Reimbursement Policy

Our reimbursement  policy is 0.60 cents per lb. per item, unless they purchased additional insurance.  In some states it is 0.30 cents per lb. If they purchased additional insurance, we will direct them to the company they purchased it with. If they purchased additional insurance through your company, and damage is done due to your mover's negligence, and is proved by your client beyond a reasonable doubt, we will reimburse according to the terms of the contract. We, at Customer Service Ink. will treat your clients with fairness, honesty and respect. We promise to reimburse them fairly according to the law. We will do whatever is necessary to resolve your client's complaints and keep them as one of your many satisfied clients. When our professional experts have determined the sum of compensation your client is entitled to according to the terms of the contract, we will send them a settlement agreement form. Once they send in their signed settlement agreement, we will e-mail you to notify you to issue your client out a check in the amount they are entitled to. Make sure you write on the check in the memo section, Final Settlement. The sum of reimbursement will be stated in the claims report that you will receive at the end of the month.

Please note that Customer Service Ink. is not liable to refund your client’s reimbursements. We are the liaison between your moving company and your client's complaints. Our sole responsibility is to handle your client's complaints so you don’t have to.

We Have Different Plans To Meet Your Needs!

We have different plans to meet your needs. We recommend that you choose the best plan that fits your needs. Feel free to discuss the different plans offered with your representative so you can be well equipped to choose the plan that is right for you

We Have Additional Services To Meet Your Needs!

We, at Customer Service Ink. offer you additional services to meet your needs. Our additional services are designed to help you save time and increase your profits. It takes two to three weeks to process your order so, we encourage you to order your additional services as soon as you decide you need them. Any additional services you order will be billed to your upcoming statement. We encourage you to check out the additional services we offer. If you want to order any services please fill out the Additional Services Order Form and either mail or fax it to us so we can process it as soon as possible.

Our Cancellation Policy:

We do have a strict cancellation policy. If you cancel your service in the middle of your billing period, we will not compensate you or your moving company the remainder on your account. We will use the remainder of money on your account to close your file with us. We will wrap up the claims we are working on and send you the complete files you’ve had throughout your stay with Customer Service Ink.

If you choose to cancel any of the additional services you have ordered, after you have ordered them, you must do so seven business days before the service is rendered. If you cancel less than seven days before the service is rendered, we will charge you a $25.00 penalty fee. The $25.00 fee will cover the cost of processing your order. Once the service has been rendered, there will be no compensation.

Cancellation must be done in writing and we would greatly appreciate your feedback so we can better our service. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our professional staff and  all the services we have to offer.

Our Statement/ Bill

Your Statement, also known as your bill, is self explanatory. It is detailed and easy to follow. You will be receiving your statement once a month. You will be given the option to be billed on the first or fifteenth of every month. You should choose the billing period that is right for you in your registration form.

Your statement should be paid by the balance due date. If it is late for whatever reason, there will be a $25.00 late fee. We ask that you pay your bill on time, by, or before the due date to avoid worrying about making your payments on time.  We do have the Automatic Pay option.  We will charge your credit card automatically at each billing period and send you a receipt. All you need to do is fill out that section on your registration form and it will be processed.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Customer Service Ink. and we look forward to having you as a member.

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18375 Ventura Boul. Suite 341

Tarzana, California 91356

United States


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Phone numbers:

(818) 571-6460

(866) 300-1299

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