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Follow-Up Service

Follow Up Service

Advertising is what drives your moving company’s currency. With no advertising, your moving company will go bankrupt in not time. Your sales representatives will be spinning their wheels like a hamster on a silent spinner headed to nowhere. The very best form of advertisement is from your former clients’ referrals to family, friends, friends of friends, neighbors, colleagues, colleagues’ friends, and people they interact with randomly who need to move, could be random strangers. Make no mistake, everyone knows someone who needs to move. Word spreads fast and loud when people find something they have experienced positively or when they find a company they love that they truly believe is the best. People like to share what they love with the people that they love, or at least care about. It is paramount that you provide excellent service to your clients so they can spread the word of what a great moving company you truly are.
We at Customer Service Inc., have a way of getting your clients to love your moving company even if, their moving experience with you was not so favorable. We get your clients to love your moving company by calling them and following up on their moving experience with you to show them that you truly do care about your clients. Even if they had a bitter taste in their mouth regarding their move, we will rectify it by the follow-up call and show them that you truly do care about your clients. We will encourage them to file a claim and assure them that we will address and accommodate all their concerns.
When they are truly satisfied, we will encourage them to write a positive review on the internet and spread the word on the great service they received from your moving company. We will even send them the link to where your website is listed on the internet so they can effortlessly post the review. This will give your moving company positive publicity which, will help your sales representatives sell easily, with confidence, and with minimal effort. Former Client advertising is the best form of advertising because people they know will be calling you and only you to book their move, you will not have to fight 8 other moving companies to get their business. Our Follow-Up service deters your clients from complaining to the BBB, DOT, and other governing bodies and our follow-up service also deters your clients from posting bad reviews on the internet. Your moving company cannot afford not to sign up for this service.