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How Do We Benefit Your Company?

Company Benefits

It is quite simple, we save you time, money, and stress. Having Customer Service Inc. on your side will save you a lot of legal problems and complications in the future. We always have your back and provide you and your clients with the top quality service you need and deserve.
Your moving company should focus on sales and making money while we focus on your problems and other issues that will facilitate your success. The beauty of being a member of Customer Service Inc. is that your clients call us directly so your lines are free to make calls that will provide you with a financial gain, not a financial loss. Upon request, you get an activity report that will have a list of your client"s information, issues, and how it was handled. It"s like having an in-house claim, customer service, follow-up service, answering service etc… departments at a fraction of the cost. Providing these services to you a a fraction of the cost is our specialty! And if you are ever audited, we provide you with a claims registry that has been approved by a DOT employee and other governing bodies of the moving industry.
We also have added bonuses that we offer, such as sales and dispatch, but you must qualify for these services because we don"t make them available to everyone. We only provide these services to moving companies who have a track record of being reputable and reliable.
With us, you know you are covered from A-Z. We will handle all your issues, so you don’t have to. We will treat your company as if it were our own. That is our promise to you! We at Customer Service Inc. look forward to serving you.